FTPS with C#

by admin August 26, 2015

This post will show how to upload , download a file via FTPS protocol with C# Open Nuget manager , search for AlexFTPS package, then add it into your project . This function below demo how to use it :

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Payment online with Payway Api (Westpac)

by admin July 2, 2015

Hi , i wrote this tutorial in order to help you when you want to develop an app which is support payment with credit card online by using Payway Api (Westpac Bank). If you want to have more information about this , please visit its website Payway First we need this function to initialize the […]

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Sending Email in ASP MVC with Mvc Mailer

by admin July 1, 2015

This is a very simple and good email API that we can use in asp mvc app. It allow us to have something below ( i got it from MVC Mailer site ) Write clean code to send emails instead of spaghetti code Reuse the power of master pages, views and data Easily write unit […]

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