About me


Trust me, I’m an “IT Guy”.

I love to see how IT influences everyday life and the world around us.

I have more than 5 years-experience as a senior software developer working on both web and window application. I have worked in several kinds of companies such as Private Companies, Start-up Companies and even in a big International Insurance Company such as AIA. However, I still felt I was lacking some things or some experiences that I needed for my career. One day, I decided to make a serious change in my life. That was the day I went to study abroad in Australia.

Even now, I am confident that was my best decision I have ever made so far. 4-years studying and living in Australia has been a fantastic, sometimes difficult and interesting journey. Without family and friends, I had to manage everything by myself. I have worked as a waiter, fruit picker, and Computer Technician at H&M Computer shop. These jobs taught me a lot of soft-skills , hard-skilled which I can implement into my IT career. Now, I trained my-self become a person that can do independently so many kind of work and do not afraid on any tasks which required in my professional IT career.

From 07/2014, I joined Synotive Technologies P/L in Melbourne as an Senior Application Developer. In here, i focused on web application that using the ASP MVC framework. Also i joint in some Mobile Application projects that using Xamarin or Swift language. Colleagues know me as a highly technical person who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. But I know that technology is always changing, and I will never try to stop learning new things in my life.

I believe that I can use my knowledge and experiences to help clients or customers to identify their business needs and benefit them by implementing a Cutting Edge, Smart, Agile IT solution.

Update 05/05/2017 : We are moving to using a whole new technology and architecture in our future project which is ASP.NET CORE, ASP MVC Core, Entity Framework Core. So exciting about that.